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Fundraising With Gift Cards

Tag Booster Club has partnered with Fundscrip and now you can raise money for your child when you make your everyday purchases such as groceries, gas, entertainment, and household items. When you purchase gift cards which are spent like cash, a rebate goes back to child's fundraising account. The percentages you will earned are listed next to the retailers on the order form. As well check out the specials for December for a higher return on those specific vendors this month. When you order $150 in gift cards, you pay $150 and you get gift cards worth $150! The only cost to you will be a small shipping fee. The cost will depend on the number of families ordering. We will be splitting the shipping over all the families. We are hoping no more than around a $1 a family. It’s that simple! There are over 100 retailers that are offering rebates back to our group. HOW DO I ORDER? Complete attached order form(s) -> Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to: Tag Booster and then dropped in the Tag Booster club Box outside the office at the gym or handed directly to Erin Riordan (Sienna's mom) or Dianne Hansen (Alyssa's mom). ORDER DEADLINE (Thursday Dec 4, 2015) FUNDRAISING WITH GIFT CARDS…NOW THAT MAKES SENSE! Download forms: Fundscript December 2014 Promotions Fundscrip Order... read more

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